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State of Survival: Zombie War
State of Survival: Zombie War
  • Updated:Jan 17, 2024
    Size:275.8 MB
  • Updated:Jan 15, 2024
    Size:305 MB

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State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration is a new realistic style strategy survival game based on a setting of the end of the world in a zombie apocalypse. Here, players will build a safety base and recruit survivors from the wasteland. Players can build a variety of facilities for the survivors, while training survivors to resist the zombie attack, explore the new world, and find a variety of equipment to enjoy a more thrilling survival experience.

Game features

1. It is very important to find a good place to build your settlement, gradually expand the building facilities of this base and build a safe haven.

2. There must be multiple traps and obstacles around the base, rescuing survivors can increase your numbers, you need to assign people to stand guard in shifts and look for those who have special abilities.

3. As a leader, you need to be confident, learn anything you can understand, build up a fighting force, destroy zombies, control the infection, control the country and prepare for winter.

4. Join the game with a superb group of friends and complete the series of tests within the time limit.

5. Find a safe and secluded place to hide yourself well and help you to break through the difficult levels better.

6. Test the player's wisdom and reaction ability, enjoy an exciting adventure.

7. Persist to the end, harvest the glory and pleasure, feel a variety of unexpected fun harvest.


Game highlights

1. We should build various military bases, hire top professional scientists, build allies and strategic partnerships.

2. Collect various weaponry and armored vehicles, which require more resources to obtain. On the way of exploration, we can fight with various powerful zombies, and our daily needs can be obtained from the defeated.

3. Find more survivors, build a strong team, explore more unknown territory together, you can do anything to survive.

4. Whether it is food, water or weapons are important tools for survival, you must collect these and then you can survive.

5. There are many kinds of tactics in the battle here, you have different combat props.



1. The game's graphics are very beautiful and delicate.

2. The operation is very simple, the player can master the skills required to play the game easily.

3. Character roles are very unique and different.



The disadvantage is that in the large map, the play experience is rather conservative.


Game review

The localization of "State of Survival" has also made a lot of efforts. For example, it has collaborate with the clown. At the same time, in the loading screen, you can see that the logo has added a three-color diagram, and the scene behind it has been changed to a Korean street, and the familiar Gwanghwamun and Bukhan Mountain can be seen in the distance. In addition, the game has further introduced two new female characters with Korean style, and the traditional Korean building style has been added to the main base skin list. Based on the highly localized distribution strategy, the game has stayed firmly in the top 20 of Google Play and iOS best-seller list since its launch.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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