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Bloons TD 6
Bloons TD 6
  • Updated:Aug 9, 2023
    Size:149.2 MB
    Developer:Ninja Kiwi
  • Updated:Aug 7, 2023
    Size:55 MB
    Developer:Ninja Kiwi

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Edit Notes for Bloons TD 6


Bloons TD 6 is a strategy tower defence game published by Ninja Kiwi, the game plot intention is novel, through the traditional monster resistance, evolved into a balloon invasion. It has a delicate cartoon style, making this game suitable for everyone and attracting players of different ages. The game is based on a massive invasion of balloons. By narrowing the living environment, the forest monkeys have launched a counterattack to protect their homes, and different types of monkeys are involved. The game with a comprehensive upgrade of the level challenge, scenario integration, and even full of strategic monkey free placement, tower defence upgrades and stunts and many other features to the game added a lot of elements, so the tower defence game experience will be better, if you are keen on the strategy of tower defence game, come and experience Bloons TD 6.


Game features

1. Epic towers and heroes

2. Endless excitement

You can play anytime, anywhere - single player offline, even without WIFI!

3. Lots of content updates.

4. Play each map and mode with up to 3 other players in public or private play.

5. Journey Mode! Battle on a series of 3 to 5 maps connected by themes, rules and rewards!

6. Content Browser! Create your own challenges and quests, then share them with other players to play the most beloved community content!


Game highlights

1. Develop new game strategies based on the abilities and synergies of each hero.

2. 20 signature upgrades for these highly skilled and capable monkeys.

3. Over 100 optimized upgrades to enhance each type of monkey tower or group of monkeys.

4. Each hero has two activation skills to break the balloon.



1. It has a traditional cute game style and familiar strategic tower defence gameplay, so players can challenge a variety of breakthrough mode, make full use of a variety of monkey towers.

2. Build the perfect line of defence against the enemy's attack, perfectly upgrade a variety of tower defence skills, a lot of challenging modes, upgrade your combat power.

3. Strategically combine a variety of challenging modes, upgrade and activate tower defence skills, make full use of your tower defence turrets, and unlock new challenge modes.



Sometimes it will be forced to update.


Game review

Bloons TD 6 is the successor to the Ninja Kiwi Games, which gives more content than the previous entries in the series. Players need to make full use of various monkey towers, upgrades, heroes and activation skills to build the perfect defense line and break every balloon. The review as follows:


Firstly, the game's compatibility. Players can play this game through cell phones and tablets, but also through the PC. At the same time, single-player and multiplayer cooperative mode can meet various needs of people.


Secondly, the game's graphics. The game has a new 3D perspective, 30 new maps and new monkey animation and upgrade skin, bringing players a strong visual experience.


Thirdly, the game's upgrade system. There are over 100 optimized upgrades in the game to enhance every kind of monkey tower or monkey group.

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