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Among Us
Among Us
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  • Updated:Nov 28, 2023
    Size:720.7 MB
    Developer:InnerSloth LLC
  • Updated:Nov 27, 2023
    Size:720.7 MB
    Developer:InnerSloth LLC

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Among Us is a casual detective strategy game created and published by Innersloth. The game is set on a space ship with 4 to 10 players, 1 to 3 players can play as the Impostors. The crew can win by completing a series of missions and tasks or by unmasking the Impostor, who’s aim is to assassinate the crew. If the death is found, players should discuss together and vote out a player. This also increases the risk of their identity being revealed, and the crew can also investigate the actions of other players through the surveillance cameras, or by completing missions to determine the player's identity.

Game features

1. Each player has a different identity, each impostor has his own companion, you should find him as soon as possible.

2. Do not reveal your identity, because it will put you in a very dangerous situation and then the crew of players will eliminate you.

3. Sabotage the space ship to defeat your opponents and become the last team to survive and win.

Game highlights

1. The crew can win by completing all missions or finding an impostor.

2. Customization: choose colors and hats.

3. Lots of game options: add more impostors, more missions!

4. Find online games quickly from the host list.


1. Playing the game will show you a wonderful and exciting, yet challenging detective or impostor journey and you can feel the ultimate fun of the game.

2. Simple game style: it has simple and interesting challenges, so you can enjoy the game.

3. A fresh experience: the subject and plot is relatively new, so the whole game is full of fun.


1. The game's server is not very stable, it is more likely to disconnect in the peak period.

2. The experience may not be good if there are few people.

3. When the player enters the game, sometimes it does not work and the screen may be turn to black.

Game review

Among Us is a fun strategy game. You will board a spaceship with a group of friends and there is a imposter on a mission to kill all of you. You can explore the ship, discover clues about the impostor, then expose and eliminate them. Every once in a while there will be a vote to eliminate the impostor and the person with the most votes will be eliminated outright. It is recommended for players who like multiplayer games. The great thing about this game is that it's easy to play, you can play with up to 10 people, and there are essentially no language requirements for the content. But the disadvantage is that you'd better find a group of people to play with you. The most important thing in the game is effective communication during the discussion sessions. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you are able to communicate face to face or via voice chat.

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