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Gun Simulator & Lightsaber
Gun Simulator & Lightsaber

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Introducing Gun Simulator & Lightsaber, the official 2023 Lightsaber game by DINO Global LTD! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of futuristic weaponry and enjoy the ASMR sounds of shotguns and lightsabers? This game is perfect for science fiction enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of handling various sci-fi guns and realistic 3D lightsabers.


In Gun Simulator & Lightsaber, you’ll have access to a wide range of gun handles and modes. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi guns, shotguns, or lightsabers, this game has it all. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning colors, vivid visuals, and immersive sound effects. You can even customize your own gun saber with realistic 3D simulations. Adjust the background, colors, flashlight, vibration, and even the weather conditions for a personalized experience.


Gun Simulator & Lightsaber features a wide collection of marvelous gun skins and gunshot sounds. With unlimited sound effects of different machine guns and weapons, you'll never run out of options. Additionally, the game offers a stunning 3D graphics gun simulator with high-quality effects. You can choose between single and auto gunshots for a realistic experience. Explore different shooting environments and enjoy the unlimited lightsaber gun weaphones and various weapon sounds.


This game not only offers a fun way to prank your friends and siblings with its various ASMR gunshot sounds but also serves as a useful tool for self-defense training. The realistic 3D lightsaber and gun effects provide an immersive experience like no other.


Game Features

1. With the game, players gain access to an expansive collection of gun skins and gunshot sounds, catering to the desires of every sci-fi enthusiast.

2. Experience a range of sound effects, from machine guns to otherworldly weaphones, each offering a unique auditory thrill.

3. Revel in realistic lightsabers, boasting over 1000 skins influenced by popular genres such as epic, anime, and sci-fi.

4. The simulator shines with its 3D graphics, showcasing high-quality effects that amplify the realism.

5. Whether you prefer single or automatic gunshots, the game facilitates both with a mere handshake.


Game Highlights

1. There is also a standout feature that allows players to customize their background, adjust colors, and even alter weather conditions during shootouts.

2. While purely for entertainment, the game’s hyper-realistic effects make it a viable tool for self-defense simulation.

3. Transition between sci-fi gun, shotgun, and lightsaber modes for varied experiences.

4. These added features provide tactile feedback, further enhancing immersion.

5. Deemed the first-choice game for group fun, prank unsuspecting friends, or simply engage in friendly lightsaber duels.



1. The game excels in providing a high-fidelity visual and auditory experience, setting it apart from its peers.

2. With its range of modes, skins, and sounds, it offers unparalleled variety to players.

3. The inclusion of features such as flashlight, vibration, and changeable weather conditions makes for a more interactive gameplay.



1. Given the extreme realism, there is potential for players to mistake it for a real weapon, though the game emphasizes its harmless nature.

2. The vast array of options might be daunting for newcomers, potentially steepening the learning curve.


Game Review

After playing Gun Simulator & Lightsaber, I can confidently say that it offers an immersive and thrilling experience for science fiction enthusiasts. The wide selection of gun skins and gunshot sounds allowed me to personalize my gameplay, making it truly my own. The realistic lightsaber simulations were a standout feature, and the 3D graphics further enhanced the overall experience. The ability to prank friends and playfully engage with others added an extra layer of fun. However, it is worth mentioning that the game’s entertainment value might diminish for those seeking a more serious or competitive gaming experience. Additionally, while the personalization options are impressive, a greater variety in gameplay modes or challenges would have been a welcomed addition. Overall, Gun Simulator & Lightsaber is a great choice for those looking for an entertaining and customizable sci-fi weapon simulation game. 

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