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Edit Notes for Homescapes


Homescapes is a 3D game with elimination and simulation, developed by Russian Playrix. It adopts 3D horizontal screen to present, with a dominant green color , which will let players feel about the nature, bringing a little cool feeling in the hot summer. The game is also very good for the drawing of the manor, such as desolation and prosperity of the scene, this contrast is easy to bring players a high sense of achievement. As for the character design, this game refers to the image of Westerners. In addition to these interactive elements, static scenery such as houses and buildings, garden vegetation, etc. are also very well displayed.


At the game begins, the old butler will entrust to you a long since deserted manor. The aim is to rebuild the manor as your own. Then the player will need to work step by step according to various tasks to renovate the manor, and to complete these tasks, it is necessary for the player to experience the elimination of play to get action points to carry out a variety of different tasks. With the gradual completion of the task, you will also meet a lot of old friends, they are either neighbors or workers with professional skills, or the protagonist or uncle and grandfather before the good friends. The game has a specially designed internal communication platform for these characters.


Game features

1. There are many interesting ways to play this game, such as walking dogs, feed them, trim branches, eliminate.

2. You can feel the fresh and pleasant experience.

3. Help players to eliminate the battle smoothly, inspire your think tank, transform your favorite home style.

4. Exquisite landscape screen bring you a dream home, play a unique imagination to help design the interior decoration of the house.

5. Simple and enjoyable gameplay, you can play through the elimination to unlock more rooms.

6. A large number of plot mode to bring you a surprise, the system will constantly bring you new tasks.


Game highlights

1. If you pass the elimination levels, you will be able to obtain props to renovate and decorate different areas of the garden.

2. There are many in-game characters waiting to become friends with you.

3. When you enjoy the fun in thousands of unique three elimination levels, you can also get a variety of props to decorate the garden.



1. Interior Design: House decoration is up to you.

2. Exciting triple elimination levels: Packed with unique enhanced props and explosive combinations!

3. Beautiful and spacious mansion: Uncover all the secrets inside the mansion!

4. Exciting Characters: Observe their daily lives and interact with them in the community network.

5. Unique gameplay: Help Austin refurbish the house by swapping and matching blocks!

6. Cute Pets: Meet cute furry cats.

7. Invite your Facebook friends to help you create a cozy atmosphere inside the house!


Some levels are particularly difficult for players.


Game review

As a 3D game, in the details of the portrayal seem to be very in place, the dominant nature green color on screen gives people a vibrant feeling. In different time periods to log in the game, Austin greeted you in different ways and tone, enhancing the sense of immersion in the game.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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