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  • Updated:Jan 18, 2024
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Edit Notes for Roblox


Roblox is a game that is compatible with virtual worlds, casual games and community built content, with most of the game being made by the players. From FPS and RPG to racing and puzzle solving, the type of games that can be played in roblox are all up to the player base. At the same time, Roblox has further innovated and upgraded the gameplay with more comprehensive genres. And while ensuring the fun of this game, Roblox continues to upgrade and update its creation tools, offering more powerful editing features and materials to encourage players to proactively create and programme digital content. So Roblox reduces the acceleration speed and optimizes camera controls specifically for VR. In addition to it, Players can use the Roblox studio to earn virtual currency from the games they create. So it not only has the potential to generate numerous VR games, but also makes Roblox a potential virtual reality social platform. Players can also communicate with friends through the Roblox chat, private messaging, group-chats and more. Come and experience it!



1. There are many mini-games for game developers to create, whether it is FPS, RPG, or racing, puzzle solving, you can create it all.

2. The game has comparable features to the host-level game graphics, 1:1 restored battlefield map waiting for players to experience, the same global service allows players from different countries to compete on the same field.

3. Players can freely team up for online experience, give their customizable character avatar a new dress-up, with thousands of different hats, shirts, faces and so on.

4. Smooth game performance is guaranteed, and there is much unexplored experiences within the gameplay.



1. Gameplay and GUI interactivity are very good. Players can make friends in the community and publish their own games.

2. Developers have a brand new method to come together to carry out a magnificent new era within their world, bringing you a new type of immersive experience.

3. Use your own creative ideas to develop a wonderful world, try out different games and venture through many experiences.

4. A lot of unique, challenging tasks, players can go through adventurous journeys anytime, anywhere, with a lot of tools to help throughout the game.

5. Different heroes have different combat attributes and useful movement utility to strategically fight your opponents.



1. Strong social attributes, it is very popular among young players.

2. Large-scale multi-player gaming platform.

3. Thousands of games to choose from.

4. Customizable features.

5. Free to download and use in app purchases.



1. Game guidance for newcomers needs to be improved.

2. Localization is also not good enough.

3. The latency makes the game experience very poor.



This is a simulation sandbox game that has a variety of interesting and unique games created by game developers in the player base, where we can customize the character avatar's clothing and appearance. The games are rich in content, but also use a variety of virtual currency to buy useful gamepasses and so on, Roblox’s general games have a blocky style, through the script language to programme our own game, in Roblox we will be in a variety of brainstorming games and we can invite our friends together in the adventure. The game controls is simple and easy to use. It is recommended for players who like casual games.

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  • I can play on roblox for hours I LOVE roblox! YOU should get it I would give it a 5 ster

    by Ava 5 Jul,2022
  • There game is amazing you get new friends and you get to explore and experience amazing worlds that are created

    by Aubrey Patterson 15 May,2022
  • my princess loves this game so much I don’t know why

    by Mami*! 5 May,2022
  • I like roblox because its fun

    by Irdiddiddjdjdud 2 May,2022
  • ROBLOX is the best game ever where you can dress your avatars and play with friend and all free exceptso.stuff but it's the best

    by Oceanheart 17 Apr,2022
  • Roblox is so fun to play like I like to play mincraft it is so fun to playin robox

    by Awesomeava202110 17 Apr,2022
  • I miss this game soooooo much but I have to say this is the best game on planet earth

    by Anonymous 12 Apr,2022
  • This is the best game in the world.

    by Adonis 10 Apr,2022
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