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  • Updated:24 Jan 2024
    Size:461.9 MB
    Developer:Mattel 163
  • Updated:Jan 29, 2024
    Size:461.9 MB
    Developer:Mattel 163

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Edit Notes for UNO!™


UNO is a digital port of the classic card game, developed by Mattel163 Limited and released in 2020. The game is designed to bring players endless fun and excitement, and is wildly popular around the world. Players need to win by playing cards of the same color or number, and by using various strategies to make the hand as early as possible.


One of the advantages of UNO is its social nature. The game supports multiplayer matches with friends, as well as online competition with players around the world. You can communicate and interact with other players, adding to the fun and challenge of the game. In addition, the game has a leaderboard and achievement system, allowing players to show their strength and achievements.


The rules of UNO are very simple to understand. Each player has a deck of cards in their hand, and the goal is to play out the cards in their hand as quickly as possible. Players need to play cards according to the color, number, or special card requirements, but also can use reversal, skip, +2 and other special cards to interfere with other players. When a player has only one card left, he must call out "UNO" or he will be punished for touching the card. The first player to finish his hand wins.


Game Features

1. The pleasure of defeating the opponent: When the player successfully plays a special card or successfully plays the hand, there will be a sense of accomplishment and pleasure of defeating the opponent, which increases the fun of the game.

2. Rich special cards: The special cards in the game include skip, prohibit, +2 and +4, etc. These special cards can bring twists and suspense to the game, increasing the strategy and challenge of the game.


Game Highlights

1. Easy to use: The rules of UNO are simple and clear, easy to understand and use. Even players who have not played card games can quickly pick up and enjoy the game.

2. Fast-paced game experience: the rounds in the game take turns quickly, there is no long waiting time, so that players can fully devote themselves to the game and experience the tense and exciting game atmosphere.



The game supports online battle and team play with friends, which increases the social interaction and competition of the game.



Theme and character options in the game are relatively limited, and players can't customize too much.


Game Review

The game modes of UNO are rich and varied. In addition, the game offers the option to customize the rules, allowing players to adjust the difficulty and rules of the game to their liking.


There are also special cards in the game, such as the "reverse" card, the "Skip" card, and the "+2" card. These special cards can change the course and strategy of the game. For example, when you play a "reverse" card, the play order of the game is reversed. When you play a "skip" card, the next player will be skipped and go straight to the next player to play. When you play a "+2" card, the next player has to touch two cards. There is also a very special card in the game, which is the "UNO" card. When you have only one card left, you need to call out "UNO" in time, otherwise other players can ask you to touch two cards as punishment.


Overall, UNO is a very fun and exciting card game. It not only exercises your thinking and strategic skills, but also brings joy and interaction. Whether you want to play with your family and friends, or you want to compete with players around the world, this game will provide you with endless fun and challenges.

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