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Hay Day
Hay Day
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  • Updated:Apr 25, 2022
    Size:254.3 MB
    Developer:Supercell Oy
  • Updated:April 20, 2022
    Developer:Supercell Oy

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Edit Notes for Hay Day


Hay Day is the most powerful farm game ever! You will enjoy a world class gaming experience. Go back to the basics, raise poultry and experience a calm and simple farm life. Players can start with simple tasks, feed animals, plant fruit trees, build cake baking ovens and ice cream machines to make fresh produce into the most delicious food, and eventually you will be able to expand your farm and decorate it into the most beautiful and dreamy manor. By trading with your friends and players around the world, you'll become a famous farm tycoon!


Game features

1. This is a free game!

2. Beautiful animations and a relaxing soundtrack will make you feel like your farm is alive and well!

3. Play and trade with your friends on google and facebook!

4. Simple and fun gesture controls so that you can experience to simulate the real farm.

5. Build various facilities such as coffee kiosks and grills.

6. Reclaim the land, expand and decorate the farm with different tools.

7. Buy and sell fresh, healthy farm products at the roadside store.

8. Take care of cute and mischievous farm animals with personalities.

9. Make delicious food on your farm with your own natural ingredients.


Game highlights

1. Build a farm

- It's easy to run a farm, get the land, plant the crops and harvest the crops.

- Add personalized elements to your farm to create your own unique paradise.

- Build bakeries, feed mills, sugar mills and other production facilities to make your farm more prosperous.

2. Interact with friends and community members

- Create your community and welcome new members.

- Trade crops and products with community members in the game.

- Share game tips with friends and help them fill orders.

- Participate in weekly contests with community members and win prizes.

3. Trade items

- Trade crops, commodities and various resources through truck orders, shipping orders, etc.

- Sell items through your own roadside store.

- Farm operations can also experience trading elements.

4. Raising animals

- A variety of cute and lively animals are waiting for you to unlock

- Hens, horses, cows and other animals can't wait to join your farm

- Puppies, kittens, rabbits and other pets can also become part of your farm family



1. It's easy to learn, thanks to the introduction and you always have something to do at each level.

2. Hay Day is a very popular game. You can play with your nearby friends or chat with them. You can also make new friends.



1. Sometimes players try to start the game, the game maybe crash.


Game review

The entire graphics of Hay Day are incredibly detailed, from the buildings to a frog by the pond. As for the social aspects, the game between players and players can only be traded to communicate with each other. The price of the items in the transaction has an upper and lower limit, but the difference is also quite powerful.


From the overall perspective of the game, Hay Day in the best efforts to simulate a farm life. The feeling of do-it-yourself is overwhelming, and the delicate graphics seem to suck the player into another world in general, so I strongly urged players to play.

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